VB was referred into social prescribing by her Social Worker to improve her mobility and wider health conditions.  After not doing any exercise for many years, VB had lost 2 stone in weight after joining of Slimming World and wanted to do more to build up her physical health and safety but needed the extra bit of help and motivation.

The Link Worker met with VB for an initial conversation and then helped her set personal goals that VB felt she could achieve. VB subsequently arranged an exercise referral via her GP Surgery for one-to-one personal trainer support at her local Leisure Centre. The goal was to develop and complete an exercise plan over twelve weeks to support further weight loss tailored to the participant’s physical conditions and limitations in a safe and healthy approach.

Doing this for herself was a major step forward for VB and she made a positive commitment to complete the twelve-week exercise programme.

Furthermore, at her request, VB was introduced to a local social group to build her confidence socially and help her get connected into the community.  VB became an ongoing member of the social group and continues to attend regularly every week. 

  • The changes in VB’s health and wellbeing are significant;
  • VB is reporting increased self-confidence, self-esteem, community activity, mood, empowerment and motivation.
  • She is now building new friendships at the Social Group and Leisure Centre. 
  • She is building physical strength and feeling increasingly safer and stronger in mobility when out in the community as well as at home.

VB has continued to lose weight and gain in confidence.  Becoming more active in her local community was important to her and has helped her to learn more about herself.   She now recognises that there are many other activities she can do in the area than she had previously thought.  Social Prescribing has helped the VB to take personal responsibility for her health and wellbeing and have a wider view of her future activities and abilities in the local community. 

Length of intervention – 12 weeks

Date of completion – 26 February 2019

Feedback from GP Care Co-ordinator, Bourne

“Social prescribing is absolutely life changing for patients and families. I think social prescribing will be the key in driving change in our health and social acre system’.

Carly-Jayne Fisher, Practice Care Co-ordinator, Hereward Practice

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