Client (D) is a 73 yr old lady who was referred initially by her GP  to the Social Prescribing Clinic.

The Client had recently moved to Lincoln and her mobility was severely restricted due to back pain. The Client was distressed on her first meeting with the Navigator, partly due to the pain and also due to the feelings of isolation.  She had not met any neighbours or made any friends yet and her family was some distance away from her.

The Navigator spoke to the Client about how she could be supported within her home whilst she was incapacitated as this was identified by the Client as her main issue at present. Information was given on personal care support, cleaners and help around the home.

The Client also wanted information on activities outside of the home so that she could reduce her social isolation.  Discussion took place about her interests and the Navigator gave her information on these.

A follow up visit took place at the Clients home to see if there were any additional support requirements

Following from the support:

  • Client is a member of a local Choir recommended by the Navigator
  • Clients Social circle has widened
  • Clients physical health has improved so that she no longer needs an operation
  • Client reports improved mental health
  • Client is participating in regular exercise
  • Client thanks Social Prescribing for their help in the above

D can refer back in to the service should the need arise later on

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