Operational Efficiency

Operational Efficiency 

Operational efficiency is just a phrase to describe how we will ensure we gain the maximum value from each pound we spend on resources delivering health and care services.

£1.2billion is spent on health and care services in Lincolnshire each year so it is our responsibility to make sure that we spend every penny wisely. In keeping with this objective, the Operational Efficiency workstream is exploring five areas where maximising efficient use of our funds would release money back in to our system to help fund future service developments and rebalance our finances.

Operational Efficiency programmes include:

Pharmacy and Prescribing – making best use of pharmacy roles and maximising the effective use of prescribed treatments for patients.

Workforce – ensuring all of staff are supported to work to the maximum of their professional registration by providing training to increases skills and developing new roles.

Estates – The NHS in Lincolnshire owns and leases a lot of estate, spread across many buildings and sites. We are working to ensure that each area is used effectively.

Corporate Services – each organisation in the Lincolnshire STP has a number of services which support our frontline staff to deliver care to everyone. It would be a more efficient way of working if  share one team and one set of processes.

Procurement – with such a large budget to be spent in Lincolnshire there are lots of opportunities for organisations to work together when buying supplies to get the best contracts, deals and prices.

To deliver this work we have been looking at how we measure up against other organisations with similar geography and population, seeing where we have opportunity to improve and where others have gone before us, trying radical solutions to these challenges. We are also supporting new ideas and solutions to be tried out in Lincolnshire, working together to get value for our money.

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