11th August 2021

A free shuttle bus service is being introduced in Lincoln to transport people up to the Lincolnshire Showground for their vaccinations.

The service is being introduced on Thursday 12 August, between 8am-6pm and will leave the bus station (stand C) on the hour and pick up people from the vaccination centre at the Showground for the return journey on the half hour. People will be asked to wear face masks on the shuttle bus.

For walk in appointments people need to be 18 and over or 17 and within 3 months of their 18th birthday and there must be a minimum of eight weeks interval between first and second doses.

Please note that If you have had Covid-19, you must wait four weeks from the date of your positive test before having vaccination.  If you are currently self-isolating due to someone in your household having symptoms, you must not attend.  Also do not attend if you have Covid-19 symptoms.

The service is in place for this Thursday and Friday 13 August, and Monday to Friday next week, 16-20 August.

Natalie Liddle, Acting Head of Service for Health Protection, said: "We know that for some, particularly young people who haven't got easy access to transport, it can be difficult to get up to the Showground for their vaccination. This will give easier access for people to get their jab. Just turn up at the bus station at the allotted time to use the service.

"It's important that if you are eligible for a jab then you take up the chance to get to the Showground.  With the shuttle-bus service in place, it's a quick and easy way to get vaccinated. Covid hasn't gone away - getting the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and others from infection. We all need to take personal responsibility to do what we can to keep each other as safe as possible and reduce infection rates across the city."

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