24th March 2022

Welcome to this month's PCI newsletter.

We hope that you and your colleagues are keeping well. Here at the PCI we remain committed to providing free quality-assured educational resources which we hope will be extremely valuable throughout your career. Read on to discover our newest webinarseLearning courses and podcast episodes.

Join us in wishing a warm welcome to Dr Emma Hyde, who has joined the PCI team as Clinical Director. Dr Hyde will focus on clinical leadership and strategic planning and will provide clinical input to support the development and delivery of the growing ecosystem of peer-reviewed educational resources, available for free on our website.

Meet our new Clinical Director, Dr Emma Hyde
The role of 'proactive and positive minded' health coaches and link workers

Over on our blog, Dr Ollie Hart, Director of Peak Health Coaching, explores the vital role of social prescribing link workers and health coaches in delivering effective personalised care. In his blog, Dr Hart shares why current health care teams need to value the vital role they play and explains how the real difference is made when people are supported to apply the information shared by their medical team.

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Our ambassadors in the news

Recently, QNI nurses Maria Whelan and Karen Olorenshaw - who became PCI Ambassadors last year - contributed to articles which have been published in the Nursing Standard and by the QNI.

In their inspiring and informative submissions, they each share their personal experiences of how personalised care education has enabled them to deliver measurable positive patient results.

Read more about our wonderful ambassadors
Explore our upcoming webinars
  An introduction to social prescribing

Thursday 24 March
1pm & 7pm

Register | 1pm

Register | 7pm

  Healthy weight coach programme

Thursday 31 March


  What are decision support tools and how you use them in your practice

Tuesday 26 April


  MECC - supporting the physical health of people with severe mental illness

Tuesday 10 May


Listen to the latest PCI Podcast

In this episode we're exploring the importance of embedding personalised care throughout undergraduate and postgraduate education, training and assessment. 

We'll be looking at common barriers faced by health and care professionals when it comes to delivering personalised care under day-to-day pressure, while also exploring our own sphere of influence as formal and informal role models for future generations of healthcare professionals. 

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