Engagement to date

Engagement so far – the road to a Healthy Conversation

Over the last few years we have reached more than 18,000 Lincolnshire residents and attended 190 different events, briefings and engagement sessions, to hear from as wide a variety of groups and communities as we possibly can about the acute services review (ASR).

We held an ‘emerging options’ appraisal event back in January 2017, attended by around 150 local healthcare professionals and partners.

We’ve worked with the local BBC to raise awareness and understanding of the issues our NHS faces by hosting three live debates in February 2017, with 60 people in attendance at each.

We’ve engaged with more than 3,000 patients and stakeholders, including attending patient support groups, Healthwatch meetings and drop-in sessions at GP surgeries and children’s centres.

Over 3,000 comments received from survey responses resulted in 150 pages of feedback from events. This was collated and analysed and fed into a stakeholder ‘emerging options’ evaluation event in October 2018.

Further evaluation events took place later in the month to allow stakeholders and service users to scrutinise each of the ‘emerging options’ for the eight ASR services against a criteria of ‘quality’, ‘access’, ‘affordability’ and deliverability’.

We have now reached the next stage of this development and scrutiny. The comments and feedback we receive during our ongoing engagement work – the ‘Healthy Conversations’ - will be reported into our senior service review teams in order for it to be considered thoroughly.

We will also share these reports on our website, so that you can find out exactly what we have heard.

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