Let's Do This Together

Let's Do This Together 

Thank you for all your fantastic support since the start of the pandemic, your actions have enabled us to continue delivering care to residents across Lincolnshire. We’re asking you to keep up the support with these 5 simple acts, by completing these acts you’ll be helping our teams across the county as well as everyone in your community.

Let’s do this together Lincolnshire!

Click the sections below to find out more about the 5 acts, and how we can continue to support
each other!

1. Eat healthy and move more


Staying active is good for your mind and your body! Regular exercise and healthy eating are key to looking after your health and wellbeing. There are loads of ways you can do this, from taking nice long walks in the Lincolnshire countryside to at-home online workouts. We’ve got some great advice on healthy eating and some fantastic ways you can stay active during COVID-19 for all ages and abilities at the links below!

For advice on eating healthily click here.

For advice on keeping active click here.

2. Pharmacy before GP


Pharmacists are trained medical professionals who can help with many health conditions including; earache, headaches, chickenpox, allergies and stomach upsets. Visiting your local pharmacy before booking an appointment with your GP is a fantastic way you can support your NHS and as most pharmacies are also open in the evening and weekends, you can get expert advice, at the time you need it, close to home.

To find your nearest pharmacy click here.

3. Make and maintain your appointments


It’s so important that you make and maintain your health appointments, whether it’s a routine appointment that got rescheduled or something you need to get checked, it’s vital you make these appointments and attend them. We want to deliver the best care to you and the Lincolnshire community, so make sure you put your health first.

For details on how to rebook or make an appointment click here.

4. Ask for phone or video appointments


Technology has made life much easier in many ways since the pandemic began, from ordering your groceries to keeping in touch with loved ones. Another way it can make life easier for you and support your NHS is by using it for telephone or video appointments when appropriate. Asking for a phone or video appointment allows us to offer you the best care possible all from the comfort of your own home.

For more information on accessing phone and video appointments click here.

5. NHS111 before A+E


Ensuring our teams aren't overwhelmed with non-emergency cases is a great way to support your NHS during the pandemic. We want to provide the best care for you and your loved ones should you need it - without putting anyone at risk. If you or someone you know becomes unwell, visit NHS111. They'll offer the best advice on where to get treated quickly, safely and effectively.

For more information on accessing the NHS111 service click here.

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