Healthy Conversation 2019

Healthy Conversation 2019

In March 2019, the NHS across Lincolnshire launched Healthy Conversation 2019. This was an open engagement exercise to shape how the NHS in Lincolnshire takes health care forward in the years ahead.

Healthy Conversation followed a review of health services by our most senior doctors, nurses, and health professionals working throughout the NHS in Lincolnshire, who recommended a series of changes to the way in which we deliver care to you. The review looked at how some of our hospital services could be better organised to provide improved quality of care and outcomes for patients, and how we could address staffing difficulties. 

Feedback from our patients, their representatives, the public, NHS partners and staff about what future services may look like was at the heart of Healthy Conversation and you contributed by taking part in a wide range of engagement events and discussions across the county, throughout 2019.

Healthy Conversation came to a close on 31 October 2019 and you can read the full Healthy Conversation 2019 report here.

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