Why are we consulting?

 Our vision is to deliver the very best in health and care for people across Lincolnshire, and we seek to continuously improve services wherever we can.

This consultation is focused on these four NHS services because we believe that significant and permanent improvement is required to them. Such change would ensure that the highest possible standards of patient care are provided in line with clinical evidence and best practice, giving the best possible outcomes for patients. We are consulting to understand the potential impact of these changes on you before we make a decision.

We believe that the benefits of changing will include:

  • Improved quality of care
  • Reduced waiting times
  • Better outcomes for patients
  • Increased availability of staff to care for patients
  • Better use of NHS funds, reducing spend on temporary staff

If we don’t improve these services, there is a continued risk that the quality of care the services provide to patients would deteriorate. In addition there is a risk that the staffing levels and expertise needed to provide the service would not be sufficient to provide high standards of care. If these issues are not addressed, these services will remain unsustainable.

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