What is public consultation?

Lincolnshire’s NHS is in constant dialogue with people across the county, listening to their views and receiving feedback about NHS services.  This dialogue takes place in various ways, such as through public and patient group meetings, Board meetings, workshops, and briefing events.

This ongoing dialogue with patients and the public is what the NHS calls ‘engagement’. If appropriate adjustments or improvements to services are needed as a result of this engagement, then the NHS makes them.

Formal public consultation is different from public engagement.  It is a mandatory process which NHS bodies (in this case NHS Lincolnshire CCG) have to go through when considering making significant, permanent changes to service configuration.  It is a regulated process, which is described in detail in national guidance (www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/planning-assuring-delivering-service-change-v6-1.pdf).

NHS Lincolnshire CCG is committed to taking a ‘best practice’ approach to this formal public consultation process.  We want to hear views from people across Lincolnshire about the possible future configuration of four NHS services.  All of the feedback we receive will inform any decisions which NHS Lincolnshire CCG makes about these services. You can share your views on this consultation here.

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