Changes to NHS services

Decision on the public consultation relating to four of Lincolnshire’s NHS Services

NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) board has reviewed the independent analysis of the public feedback received during the public consultation relating to four NHS services in the county. This public feedback analysis sits alongside the other review processes which have occurred to inform decisions, including deliverability and financial viability of the proposals etc. As a result, the board has approved service proposals for each of the four services at their meeting, held on 25th May 2022. Full details regarding the decisions and how they were made will be available in the meeting minutes upon publication on the CCG website.

What happens next?

Changes as a result of these decisions won’t happen overnight. The next step in the process is to work up the detailed service model including staffing, providers etc. We will continue to update you as that progresses.

To find out more about this decision please watch the video below:

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