Hospitals invest in extra state of the art cleaning machines to help tackle coronavirus

Four additional state of the art cleaning machines are being used in hospitals across the county to tackle bugs and germs that are resistant to traditional cleaning methods – including coronavirus.

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust (ULHT) has purchased four more hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) systems to help stop the spread of coronavirus, norovirus, MRSA and other drug-resistant micro-organisms. This is in addition to the four the Trust put into action at the start of the year.

These machines use the vapour to totally disinfect an area and kill all known germs on contact. The machines have been in regular use ever since, particularly with the arrival of coronavirus. Following their success, the Trust has spent another £80,000 for the additional machines that will be used in Lincoln, Boston and Grantham hospitals.

As the gas can be harmful to people, the cleaning can only be done in a room that is unoccupied and has been sealed off from all other areas.

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