Social Prescribing Case Study

MB was referred into social prescribing by his OT at Grantham Hospital.  He described himself as “very lost and bored after my brain injury and not sure how I was going to build my life again”. 

MB wanted to be more involved in his local community and more structured to enable him to move forward.  He wanted help to set some goals and, with the support of his Social Prescribing Link Worker, decided to:

  • Get into volunteering to help others to learn and supporting charities.
  • Increase his computer skills and qualifications.
  • Get involved in a local social group to meet new people and make new friends.
  • Become involved with new community opportunities as are established.

With his Link Worker’s encouragement, he started looking at options to reach his goals.  Over time he has developed the confidence to do this independently. 

This has helped him get into learning and increased interaction within his local community. He is now attending a social group, completed a computer skills training course, completed a cookery course and started volunteering every week at a local British Heart Foundation Charity Shop.

The changes in MB’s health, wellbeing and long-term outlook are significant;

  • VB reports increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • His mood and wellbeing have improved.
  • He has increased social activities and has structure to his week.
  • He is learning how to look after himself better and is ready to move on in life.

The Social Prescribing Link Worker helped MB to find, contact, arrange meetings and try new groups and services.  She supported him to attend initial meetings with his chosen groups so that he could build confidence to become involved independently. 

MB says, “I am developing my resilience in my life alongside living with my impairment.  I realise I may be able to achieve paid employment in the future.”

Length of intervention – 12 weeks

Date of completion – January 2019

Feedback from another Sleaford participant reflected on social prescribing;“I’ve been supported by lots of professionals over the years, but no-one has taken time to help me set goals for myself that I believe I can achieve in the way you have”.

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