Workforce Efficiency

Workforce Efficiency

This programme is linked directly with the Workforce Planning and Strategy within the System Working part of the STP, one cannot be delivered without the other. The efficiency part of the workforce plan focuses on four key elements:

  • Supporting our staff to work to the maximum potential of their role or registration. Each member of our workforce will be supported to achieve the most they can in terms of skills and abilities with training, mentoring and formal qualifications.
  • Developing new roles to broaden our workforce and ability to attract staff to work in Lincolnshire.
  • Reducing the need for temporary agency staff and also reducing the rates which we pay for agency staff when they are needed.
  • Ensuring we have the right technology to support staff with rostering, payroll and agency booking & management.

By ensuring staff feel well supported, able to access training and development and supported to deliver services to their maximum potential we seek to improve the recruitment and retention of new staff members to our county. As we recruit more staff we will be able to reduce our reliance on agency staff, especially in our hospitals. Whilst we are progressing the STP is working together to find ways to reduce the rates we must pay to secure agency staff.

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