Pharmacy and Prescribing

Pharmacy and Prescribing

Our pharmacists are one of our greatest resources both in hospitals and the community. They are able to give clinical advice, prescribe medications independently when trained to do so and support patients to manage their health conditions.

The benefits of a pharmacist has been highlighted in a number of nationally published documents such as the NHS Five Year Forward View. The development of GP Clinical Pharmacist roles across the county forms a flagship project for us, supporting delivery of high quality care across our rural setting.

In the NHS the total amount spent on prescribed treatments each year is second only to that spent on the staff payroll, this makes it a priority for investigation to ensure we make best use of the funds we allocate to prescribing and the supporting pharmacy services.

This programme seeks to explore all opportunities aligned to this, ensuring that we meet best practice guidance and measure up with our colleagues across the country. Projects also focus on improving equity of access to prescribed treatments for patients across our county and supporting clinicians to secure the best possible value for money when prescribing a drug or prescribed therapy for a patient.

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