Estates Efficiency

Estates Efficiency

The NHS and councils in Lincolnshire own a great deal of estate, how this is used is the subject of this programme. Before we embarked upon a more system focused way of working, each organisation used their own buildings to deliver their services but rarely did they share space, or monitor the potential benefits of this.

The Carter Report into efficiency in the NHS highlighted that there were several key themes linked to how we use our buildings and grounds identified in inefficient NHS spending. These themes related to the cost per square meter of a building being too high, the amount of vacant or “void” space which was not in use and the third related to too much space being used for non-clinical functions. Whilst these measures are for hospital trusts, they are a good guide for all providers and the STP is using these to determine where there is opportunity to bring services together to make better use of our estate.

This programme works directly alongside the Estates and Capital Investment Strategy which is part of System Working. The STP programme is working with the Lincolnshire County Council programme called One Public Estate (OPE). This also looks at how our space and buildings are being used in council, social care and public health services. By working together we will make sure that all of our estate is used effectively and efficiently with buildings sold when they are no longer needed, releasing money back into our services.


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