Urgent and Emergency Care

Urgent and Emergency Care

The vision for urgent and emergency care in Lincolnshire is to transform our services into an improved, simplified and financially sustainable 24 hour/7 day model; delivering the right care, in the right place, at the right time for all of our population.

Much of our local strategy is modelled on the various national urgent and emergency care policies and guidance, including these five strategic aims:

  • To provide better support for people to self-care
  • To help people with urgent care needs to get the right advice in the right place, first time
  • To provide highly responsive urgent care services outside of the hospital so people no longer choose to attend A&E unless in an emergency
  • To ensure people with more serious or life threatening emergency care needs  receive treatment in centres with the right facilities and expertise in order to maximise chances of survival and a good recovery
  • We must connect all urgent and emergency services together so the overall system becomes more than just the sum of its parts
If you have any comments, or would like to know more about the information on this page, please feel free to email us at STP@LincolnshireEastCCG.nhs.uk

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