Planned Care

Planned Care

Planned care is the name the NHS gives to health services and treatments that aren't needed because of an accident or emergency but necessary following a referral from your GP or another community health professional. Appointments and treatments, including surgery are pre-arranged and planned in advance.

Our vision for planned care is a clear treatment pathway for your health condition which is easy to access and understand. We will make improvements in the way referrals to specialists are managed from your GP or care provider, ensuring all patients are sent to the person best able to address their needs first time. We will support specialist clinicians to deliver the right course of treatment in a timely way and without unnecessary red tape.

A reorganisation of  how we deliver our services will promote effective use of all our resources and protect clinical outcomes and quality of care. We will ensure our clinicians undertake a critical mass of activity and retain the competence levels required, benchmarking against colleagues nationally.

The systems and processes supporting a patient journey in planned care should be improved with support from primary and community services instead of in a hospital setting where possible.

By reducing the number of inappropriate referrals, improving the quality of care in the community, supporting the preventative care agenda and focusing our services in the best possible place, we will reduce waiting times and reduce the number of cancelled operations.

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