Cancer Services

Cancer Services

The STP is supporting the delivery of the Lincolnshire Cancer Improvement Plan. We are working with local communities to increase the number of people who attend cancer screening programmes and supporting those living with and beyond cancer by developing more community services to empower patients to be partners in their care.

Working with the East Midlands Cancer Clinical Network and other partners, we will improve access to diagnostic services that will support patients to reach the right services within current national targets. We are also supporting the development and implementation of best practice clinical pathways so that patients with a cancer diagnosis receive the best care possible.

We are continually working on the policies, systems and services that will improve the care pathway for patients and make it as easy as possible for our clinicians to know where our patients are on their journey, to access tests and results and make swift clinical decisions supported by their multi-disciplinary teams (MDTs) to secure the very best outcome that can be achieved for each patient.

For people living with and beyond cancer, our approach includes:

  • Developing end to end seamless and integrated support pathways across the NHS, social care and voluntary sectors which will improve outcomes and support people. The care professionals involved are active participants in supported self-management for each person.
  • A tested and flexible service delivery model is operational in Lincolnshire which will support roll out and access to recovery & follow up pathways of care and also support for all people with and after diagnosis and treatment.
  • This programme is co-designed with patients, the public and stakeholders and will form a partnership to transform cancer care for Lincolnshire.
  • We are developing and improving the Living With and Beyond Cancer Strategy for the county as well as palliative and end of life care services.

We will put the right people in the right place and with the right skills, to provide timely support for people living with and beyond cancer across the county

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