Acute Services

Acute Care

Acute care is care delivered in a hospital setting or sometimes by hospital services in other locations. In Lincolnshire this includes both our large hospitals & community hospitals and some mental health services.

We need to make our acute services in Lincolnshire clinically, operationally and financially sustainable and we must provide high quality, safe and effective care to the local population.

Our aim is to ensure acute care provision across Lincolnshire addresses both the growing demand across the county and the need to achieve better outcomes for our patients, while maintaining the best possible value for money to the public.

Over 100 key stakeholders from across the health economy along with the East Midlands Clinical Senate have agreed that there is a strong case for change for a number of services. We are engaging with the public, health professionals, patient groups and NHS commissioners to explore the best solutions to providing a robust service for Lincolnshire. This will include planned developments in prevention, supported self-care and out of hospital care. We will focus our acute services to be delivered in settings which will become recognised centres of excellence.

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