July 2018 Engagement Events

July 2018 Engagement Events

Thank you to all those who attended our most recent series of public events, sharing your thoughts, feedback and ideas as we look to the future of health and care in Lincolnshire.

This series of nine events across the county focused upon learning opinion around our acute services, to support the review we are currently conducting. A guide to the type of questions facilitators may have asked can be found here. Our facilitators focused on listening and so should participants wished to have shared other ideas or concerns, conversations would have reflected these preferences. Please note, we have updated this file to remove staff details.

 We notified the public and our partners through numerous routes; NHS organisation mailing lists (such as patients, members etc) , through our stakeholders network (LCC, third & voluntary sector, Healthwatch, parish and district councils etc), releases to media, social media etc. Each event was open to all through pre-registration, and number of attendees can be found here.

We have now completed the analysis work of over 3,000 comments and 150 pages of feedback that these events and the simultaneous survey delivered. This information is informing our ongoing review and planning and can be found here

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