12th November 2021

Anyone eligible is being urged to get their covid vaccination as infections in the midlands region are rising above the national average.

Cases of covid in the over 60s have increased in both the East and West Midlands in the last week, with over 60s case rates per 100,000 above the average for the whole of England.

In a particularly sobering reminder as to the importance of getting vaccinated against covid, statistics from the ONS this month have shown that the risk of death involving covid is 32 times greater in unvaccinated people than in those who had received both doses.

“More locally in Lincolnshire, we currently have 12 people very poorly in intensive care units with covid, ranging in age from 37 to 71,” comments Rebecca Neno, Director of Covid and Influenza Vaccination Programmes, NHS Lincolnshire CCG.

“Half of these patients have had no vaccination at all, whilst the other half have had two doses, which demonstrates two things for me – firstly, the importance of getting vaccinated and giving yourself as much protection from covid as possible, and secondly, how vital it is for people to come forwards for their booster vaccination when called, in order to top up and maintain your protection from covid.”

These ‘statistics’ all represent people and are a timely reminder of the need to get vaccinated and stay vaccinated.

“The vaccine has your name on it, it is for you, and it is an ‘evergreen’ offer, which means we will continue to make it available to people who want it.  Whilst getting vaccinated does not guarantee you will not get covid, vaccination does offer powerful protection against severe illness, hospitalisation or worse, for most people.  Please give yourself the best chance of not becoming a statistic,” adds Rebecca.

The rate of infection in the vaccinated population is only a quarter of the rate in the unvaccinated population.  The ONS has confirmed that 1.2 million people had covid in mid-October, which is equivalent to one in 50 of us.

“This is the highest prevalence across the country of covid to-date and will be largely driven by unvaccinated people and/or people who have not yet come forwards for their second dose or perhaps their booster vaccination.  With the twin threat of covid and flu this winter, it is even more important to get your vaccinations, to protect yourself and those around you” explains Rebecca.

“Lincolnshire people continue to come forwards in significant numbers for the covid vaccinations, which we are delighted about, and to-date we have given over 140,000 booster vaccinations.  It is vital that we all get protected against covid, so if you’ve not had your first or second vaccination yet, it’s not too late – you can get your vaccination, including boosters, at either of our Mass Vaccination Centres at the Lincolnshire Showground, or at PRSA, Boston, or at one of our other vaccination sites around the county, including a number of local pharmacies.”

Booster vaccinations for people aged 50 or over will be given six months after second doses, are available around the county and can now be booked at 152 days or five months, either online via the National Booking Service or by calling 119.

“We are asking people to book an appointment for their booster vaccination, since this means we can closely manage likely demand for vaccinations and ensure we vaccinate as many people as possible, as well as giving you the best experience and minimum waiting time,” concludes Rebecca.

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