2nd July 2020


Lincolnshire NHS is extending its thanks to the community for its continued show of support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the NHS approaches 72 years this weekend, everybody is being urged to take part in the biggest 'thank you' the country has ever seen at 5pm on Sunday, 5 July, in a 'pause for applause'. Broadcasters will suspend their normal transmissions at 5pm as people across the country pause what they are doing to think of others.

The major country-wide coming together will thank all those who have been helping the NHS through the pandemic, and recognise the vital community connections that continue to offer support.

On Saturday evening, July 4th, everybody is asked to put a light in their windows in remembrance of those who have died during the pandemic.

Speaking on behalf of NHS chief executives throughout the county, Maz Fosh, Chief Executive at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust, said:

"Everyone knows this has been an extraordinarily challenging year, not just for the NHS, but throughout our community.  Marking 72 years is a poignant time for us to pause and reflect. Our staff have shown remarkable dedication and compassion as they always do, but we recognise that our community has played a key role in keeping spirits up and showing its support.

It's important that every single person throughout Lincolnshire knows how much we value that support. As we as Lincolnshire's NHS have been thanked many times over the months, it seems fitting to mark 72 years as the time to say the biggest thank you back to our Lincolnshire community."

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