14th June 2019

Teams across Lincolnshire working to improve outcomes for people living with frailty have reached the halfway mark of their 100 Day Challenge, and came together to review their progress on 23rd May.

The four teams have spent the last 50 days establishing their individual projects and are starting to see some real impacts in their work.

Clare Credland, neighbourhood lead for Gainsborough, is also a local coach for the team in this challenge, who are focussing on following up patients over the age of 75 after they are admitted to hospital.

“The progress so far has been finding out who the people are and how we follow them up. We’ve had contact with a small number of individuals after their admissions and the hope is that we will proactively support them and make sure the appropriate support is in place.

Clare added: “Our aim is to have appropriate support and care plans in place for people, prevent unnecessary readmissions and support people to stay well at home.”

Beckie McConville, neighbourhood lead for Lincoln North, is a local coach for the team, who are looking at frailty within the homeless population in Lincoln city centre.

“Our aim is to look at access to services in the city, and increase accessibility and attendance at those services.

“We’ve not done any testing with the public yet but we’ve identified some training requirements for key stakeholders involved in our work.

Beckie added: “We’ve made great connections with the ambulance service and talked about how they can influence the severe weather plan, as well as how all of our learning will influence the planned redevelopment at the YMCA in Lincoln.

Natalie Munslow, neighbourhood lead and local coach for the Stamford team said their work surrounds the number of people who fall in Stamford.

“We’re aware that people who fall are the highest ambulance conveyance into Peterborough City Hospital.

“We have now identified everyone who has had a fall in Stamford that has been reported to an organisation.

“The relationships have developed between the voluntary sector, NHS providers, and this has really been about a joint response to people who have fallen.

Natalie added: “We’ve still got a lot to learn from our county border colleagues in terms of what they are providing as part of their falls pathway.”

Sharon Rolfe, case manager for the Mablethorpe and Skegness nursing team is involved in the work happening at Marisco Medical Practice to identify patients who have a mental health condition and are living alone.

“A key part of the role was to check if the patients identified were already known to local support agencies.

“It was quite a shock that some of these severely frail patients were not known to these agencies.

Sharon added: “We now want to make sure that these patients get access to the support they need and receive better care.”

Carolyn Nice, assistant director for adult frailty and long term conditions at Lincolnshire County Council said it was really positive to see real excitement, enthusiasm and energy from the four teams.

“Already we’re hearing some excellent stories about the good things they are doing for local people, and overall a real sense of movement and commitment to developing the frailty services and frailty pathway across Lincolnshire.

She added: “I think what we need to reflect on as a leadership team is how we support our staff to continue to do the fabulous work they are doing, and how do we ensure they have got the space, the environment, the capacity and the time to do what they do best.

100 Day Challenges are about rapidly testing ideas to see what works and what doesn't work, with ideas evolving and new ideas emerging over the course of the challenge.

The teams will continue to meet regularly, and all come together for the day 75 and day 100 milestone events, when decisions will made about whether ideas will keep being tested, be embedded or be scaled up.

If you want to find out more about the 100 Day Challenge please get in contact Kirsteen Redmile (kirsteen.redmile@lincs-chs.nhs.uk).

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