Let’s start a healthy conversation about – transport and travel around Lincolnshire

One of the biggest challenges to delivering health care in Lincolnshire, is making sure it is accessible. Lincolnshire is a large county with a dispersed population. We have less than 38 miles of dual carriageway in the county, and no motorways. Our public transport system can be hard to access. This means that it can sometimes be difficult to get to services, NHS or otherwise, and is why much of what we are focusing upon is delivering care in local communities, closer to home.

Lincolnshire’s NHS is not responsible for the road network, or the public transport system. We know though that access to our services is a vitally important issue for patients and their families. That is why we partner closely with colleagues across the county who are responsible, as well as those who might offer other solutions, such as voluntary car services, to improve this access.

As we consider how we can develop this, we want to know how you want us to reach you. We have some ideas which we would like to hear your thoughts on. For example, adopting and developing innovative ways of delivering health care, such as online and telephony methods.

We are already doing this with great success in some services.

Lincolnshire’s Clinical Assessment Service has just completed an e-consultation pilot, in which qualified clinicians and GPs responded to patients concerned about an issue that would ordinarily lead them to A&E via an online appointment. 100% of these patients avoided A&E, and 92% needed no other care than that appointment.

A big part of Healthy Conversation 2019, is finding out about your thoughts and ideas. What concerns you about Lincolnshire’s health care and transport network? What innovations have you seen or experienced that we should be trying? How do you feel about receiving more of your care through the internet?

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