Progressing the preferred option

Due to the limited capital funding available to the NHS, both nationally and locally, it is not currently possible to progress all the proposed service level changes that make up the preferred option at once.

In light of this, so as not to delay the benefits to patients of service change proposals, four NHS services were identified where the proposed changes could be taken forward without significant capital funding and / or the service is extremely fragile in its current state.

These areas are:

  • Orthopaedic surgery (planned and unplanned)
  • Urgent and emergency care at Grantham & District Hospital
  • Acute medical beds at Grantham & District Hospital
  • Stroke services

The change proposals relating to these four hospital services are the focus of this public consultation.

Impact assessments

For each of the four service change proposals we have conducted a Quality Impact Assessment (QIA) and Equality Impact Assessment (EIA).

Our observations from these are set out in each of the service change sections later in this document.

A key focus during the public consultation will be to seek out the views of those groups of people identified through the EIAs who may be more likely impacted by the change proposals. This is described further in the next section.

We will continue to review and develop these EIAs, with independent support, throughout our public consultation in light of the feedback we receive. They will play a key part in informing the decision making process.

Click here to read our full EIAs.

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