What will happen with feedback?

We will carefully record and review all of the feedback we receive. Individual responses to the questionnaire will remain anonymous and confidential and all responses will be analysed by an independent organisation. All the analysis will then be made publicly available. Hearing the views of people throughout the consultation process is an important part of the decision making and will be fully taken into account alongside other essential factors such as clinical, financial and practical considerations. Any decision to proceed with one or more of the preferred service changes will be informed by the feedback from the consultation and any subsequent decisions will be taken by the NHS Lincolnshire CCG Board.

The feedback from the public consultation is really important but does not represent a vote on, or a veto over, any form of change. The independent report of the results will be published on our website and the decision- making process will be assured by NHS England.

The CCG has appointed ORS, an independent social research company, to manage the consultation questionnaire and responses and will faithfully report the outcomes. All information you provide will be processed by ORS in accordance with the latest Data Protection regulations. Information will only be used to inform this consultation and any personal information that could identify you will be kept for no more than one year after any decisions have been made.

The views of individual members of the public in a personal capacity will be anonymous. However, where feedback is from representatives of organisations or someone acting in an official capacity, it may be attributed to them.

All the questions are optional, and all information you provide will be processed by ORS in accordance with the Data Protection Act and GDPR. Please visit www.ors.org.uk/privacy and/or our CCG website www.lincolnshireccg.nhs.uk/contact/freedom-of-information/privacy-notice-your-information-and- how-we-use-it/ for more information.

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